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We are looking for people who are passionate about delivery and want to make a difference in the world.

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Why courier choose Errand?

Errand understand the needs of couriers and we are here to success together with you!

Flexible hours

You can work whenever you want, wherever you want.

Make extra money

You can make extra money by delivering food.

Work with your own vehicle

You can work with your own vehicle.

Boost your income with Errand

Earn more when it is busy

Maximise your earnings with our dynamic pricing model, so you get paid more during busy times.


Keep all of your tips

Receive additional earnings from customers who appreciate your hard work.

Get paid more with monthly bonuses

We offer extra income opportunities for completing deliveries on weekends, during late hours or on bad weather days.

Employee first culture

We are committed to creating a positive and supportive environment for all couriers.

Errand Courier Requirements

Hassle free sign up and start earning as a courier.

Valid Photo ID

Proving that you meet the minimum age requirement


Android 9.0+ or iOS 12+, with a local number

Scooter, bike or car

With a valid licence and insurance

How to become a delivery courier?

Follow the steps below to start the application process.


Complete the sign up form

Submit an application with your details and documents.


Attend an onboarding session

Attend an onboarding session to learn more about the app and delivery process.


Start delivering

Once you are onboarded, you can start delivering and earning.

How the Errand Driver App works?

Our app is designed to help couriers receive, deliver and manage orders easily and effectively.


Receive orders

View incoming orders, check their details, and get going.


Pick up the order

Collect the order from the restaurant or store.


Deliver the order

Head to the delivery address as quickly and safely as possible.


Track your earnings

Track your progress in real-time and view your earnings easily.

Frequently Asked Questions


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